The Liz Taylor Review

Good Evening, I’m Sara Century, Welcome to The Liz Taylor Review

Elizabeth Taylor is pretty much the most famous person that ever lived, but, as with most famous people, a lot of the most interesting stuff falls by the wayside. What can I say, the people like talent, but they love scandal, and our girl Liz had enough scandal for 10 lives. However, there is one very important thing about Liz that a lot of people seem to forget: her work.

Her work!

Our girl Liz lived a long and tumultuous life with a lot of tragedy, but we are also talking about someone that began her career with heartwarming family films, moved rapidly into some of the darkest movies being released in Hollywood, starred in one of the most infamous period pieces of all time, and then just completely went off the rails, choosing whatever damned movie she felt like making, whenever she so damned well pleased! This woman was a child star that continued taking on roles well into her later years. Folks, we are talking a lifelong professional actor who captivated the hearts of millions.

In short, this is a career that deserves analysis!

This is the story of someone that lived and died the most Liz Taylor person there ever was. There were good times, there were bad times, but mostly, there were Liz Taylor times.